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Supplemental Heating Equipment Can Add Warmth, but also Danger in the Home

Omaha & Surrounding Areas (October 20th, 2011) – October is National Fire Safety month, and Power Crew is celebrating it by providing a series of safety tips that homeowners should know. This is the third of five releases with helpful information, and it discusses an important topic:

Eliminating Home Fires Due to Supplemental Heating Equipment.

According to the Home Safety Council, the second leading cause of home fires is supplemental heating equipment, such as portable heaters, wood stoves, and fireplaces.

“If something combustible is placed too close to one it can catch fire due to the radiant heat or sparks from a fire,” Jason Amato, owner of Power Crew, said. “That’s why we warn so many people about using portable heaters in bedrooms, especially considering they will be asleep and unable to react should a fire occur.”

Here are some home safety tips relating to supplemental heating equipment that everyone should know:

Of course, another safety concern of portable heaters is the extension cords used with them. Extension cords should not be coiled up while plugged in, and they should not be underneath carpet or rugs: both are major fire hazards.

During National Fire Safety month, homeowners can receive a 100 percent free fire safety inspection by a trained electrician from Power Crew. The electrician will identify potential fire hazards, as well as check all smoke detectors and install new batteries. In addition, he will inspect the home’s electrical panel/fuse box, all outlets, and all other electrical components to ensure that none are malfunctioning and a fire risk.

“This is a typical $129 service, but we’re doing it for free to raise awareness. It’s a big concern that we want to alert as many people as possible to,” Amato explained

For more information on Power Crew, visit www.MyPowerCrew.com and to schedule a free electrical safety inspection, call 402-333-2222.

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