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Law of Averages

Law of Averages

Dear Friend:

Power Crew hires only the best technicians in the area and we all push each other to improve. We take great pride in providing excellent service to our customers.

Though there is nothing average about Power Crew’s service, this month we found some interesting averages. Maybe these tidbits will come in handy at your next trivia night.

When it comes to our work, there is no “average” customer at Power Crew. Without you, we would be nothing. To show our appreciation, we’re offering 10% off any Power Crew residential service performed this September to every customer who mentions this ad.

From our family to yours,

Power Crew, The Electrician’s Who Protect You


Is Your Family at Risk?

In the U.S., an average of seven children per day (mostly boys under age three) are treated in emergency rooms for injuries due to contact with electrical outlets. Typically, these injuries occur at home and are caused by inserting common objects such as hairpins, keys and paper clips. Most victims experience 1st-degree or 2nd-degree burns-but more serious injuries also occur.

Fortunately, protecting children from these injuries is simple. Tamper-resistant receptacles (also known as child-safety outlets) look like standard receptacles-but they include automatic shutters, which admit plugs but block other objects. These receptacles have demonstrated their effectiveness in hospital pediatric care areas, where they’ve been required for years.

Tamper-resistant receptacles are safer than plastic outlet caps (which young kids can easily remove) or sliding-shutter wall plates (which may cause potentially dangerous heat build-up). These receptacles have demonstrated their effectiveness in hospital pediatric care areas, where they’ve been required for years.

Power Crew is providing this service to local daycare centers. Please contact us for more information on Tamper-resistant receptacles and how we can help keep your family safe!

Power Crew, the Electricians Who Protect You!



Simplify Your Life!

Many of us think we “have it all.” But what most of us don’t have is enough time to truly appreciate and enjoy our lives. Did you know that “National Simplify Your Life Week” comes around every August? Here are some ideas from Power Crew for simplifying your life to allow you to get the most out of your precious time. Enjoy!

Write a list of goals, and focus on what’s important. * Don’t be afraid to say no. * Turn off your cell phone and pager. * Delegate! * Cancel subscriptions to magazines you don’t read. * Send fewer holiday cards, and spend your extra time calling loved ones. * Move to a smaller home. * Drop cable TV. * If you haven’t worn something for a year, give it away. * Get rid of junk in your office or basement. * Set up automatic bill paying. * Take a vacation without leaving town – or even your house. * Accept that your neighbors’ grass is greener and their cars are fancier. * Make plans to have fun. * Stop calling friends who are a downer. * Downsize your wallet or purse. * Go for a walk. * Meditate during a hot shower. * Consolidate debt. * Pack a lunch. * Don’t sweat the small stuff. * Remember most everything is small stuff. * Work less. * Escape to the beach or mountains. * Read a book. * Live close to where you work. * Hire a service to clean the house while you go to a movie. * Be yourself, and tell the truth – it beats keeping track of a web of lies, no matter how “white” they are. * Experience reality in the world, not on TV. * Eliminate activities both from your schedule and your children’s schedules. * Sit, and veg out. * Listen to music. * Ride a bike. * Pay off your mortgage. * Catch a ballgame on the radio. * Plan your commute to avoid rush hour traffic. * Pay in cash. * Keep a bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter. * Make a list of errands, and do them all at once. * Buy in bulk. * Get rid of one of your cars. * Who needs high heels? * Give away extra holiday decorations you don’t use. * Push to improve, but accept your limitations. * Resign from organizations. * Teach your dog to clean up after himself (we can dream!). * Wake up early — the world’s a better place at dawn. * Cancel most of your credit cards. * Do what you love, and love what you do. * Remember there’s no law that you have to spend another holiday at Cousin Billy’s. * Toss unsolicited mail without reading it (except mine!). * Throw away these rules, and make your own.

As a reward to those who have read this far — and as a way to encourage my electrical service customers to enjoy more leisure time — I’ll send $20 in movie gift certificates to the first three people who write me a note reading, “Power Crew, help simplify my life!” Don’t write any more than that, or you’ll be in violation of my rules of simplicity. And I’ll have no choice but to disqualify you!

Yours in simplicity,
Power Crew

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Omaha Fire Department Encourages Respect for Electricity

Electricity has become one of our basic needs and Omaha Fire Department is encouraging you to get grounded in the basics of electrical safety.

According to the non-profit National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), electrical distribution and lighting equipment were involved in an estimated 20,900 reported home structure fires in 2005. These fires resulted in 500 civilian deaths and 1,100 civilian injuries, with $862 million in direct property damage.

“The best way to keep the home safe from electrical hazards is to take good care of appliances and to use all electrical equipment properly,” said Jason Amato, President “Respect for electricity and the power it provides must occur every day throughout the year.”

By reviewing the electrical safety tips below and taking action, Omaha residents can help reduce electrical fires in our community.