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Service Manager

Omaha, NE • Full-Time

Service Manager


The Service Manager reports to the General Manager and is responsible to:

*Achieve the budgeted gross margin dollars outlined in the company plan, by supervising:

  1. Manage & assist the technicians to maintain a $1350 per day revenue, $450 per call average on repair, 85% conversion rate on jobs, a 25% club membership conversion rate on repair clients, and a 90% club membership renewal rate on club membership clients.

  2. Also fill the role of Inventory Manager to achieve maximum purchasing and delivery efficiency, including material costs at 8% of sales or less.

*Meet with technicians minimally once per week, to make sure that each of the technicians fully understands and is trained on their needed contributions for achieving the company plan, and to provide on-going technical training.

*Make sure that all production personnel are following OSHA safety standards, and that team members are safety conscious at all times. Cover at least one safety issue in each weekly meeting and conduct a major safety training meeting minimally once per quarter.

*Make sure that team members display a positive team spirit at all times, and are committed to the 100% satisfaction of the company's clients.

*Provide the daily report of production information to the office manager by 8:30 A.M. each day.

*Continually recruit for new technicians.

*Obey and teach the Team Rules and Team Philospohy.


Service Manager Compensation

Base Salary:

Salary = $60,000


Net Profit Before Taxes (NPBT) must equal 15% after bonus is paid. Once NPBT base is reached, the Service Manager receives a percentage of the NPBT produced above that point. The bonus template is based on a percentage of NPBT reached, but must be converted to dollars based on the specific budget model, to ensure that the dollars become the target, not just the percentage.


15% NPBT: bonus = $0

16% NPBT: bonus = 10% of the additional 1% NPBT

17% NPBT: bonus = 12% of the additional 2% NPBT

18% NPBT: bonus = 13% of the additional 3% NPBT

19% NPBT: bonus = 14% of the additional 4% NPBT

20% NPBT and above: bonus = 15% of the additional NPBT


Bonus template converted to dollars for $2,114,574 sales model:

(15%) NPBT = $317,186: bonus = $0

(16%) NPBT = $338,331: bonus = $2,114

(17%) NPBT = $359,477: bonus = $5,074

(18%) NPBT = $380,623: bonus $8,246

(19%) NPBT = $401,769: bonus $11,841

(20%) NPBT = $422,914: bonus = $15,859


If the Service Manager executes the plan, and produces NPBT of $429,654:


Salary = $60,000 base + $16,870 bonus = $76,870 total compensation


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