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HR/Office Manager

Omaha, NE • Full-Time

HR/Office Manager


The HR/Office Manager reports to the General Manager and is responsible to:


*Assist the General Manager in developing the annual company plan:

a) budget with prior year income statement and projected income statement

b) breakeven analysis

c) manpower plan

d) marketing plan

e) growth plan


*Manage all accounting activities relating to G/L, A/R, A/P and payroll:

a) make sure G/L has accurate account numbers and entries are accurate

b) make sure A/R is current every day 

c) keep track of A/P 

d) make sure payroll is within company guidelines and paperwork is processed on time


*Produce company financial statements within five business days after the close of each month:

a) income statement

b) balance sheet

c) bank statement and reconciliation 


*Ensure that collection of money is occurring at the point of service, or proper paperwork for financing is being signed at the point of service.


*Manage accounts payable to take advantage of all available discounts from vendors. Where discounts are not available, pay accounts in 30 to 45 days. Avoid any finance charges being assessed for late payment.


*Report to GM if company owned inventory exceeds 2.5% of annual sales.


*Be responsible for the collecting and archiving of key performance data such as number of incoming calls, call booking conversion ratio, calls run, average sale amounts, conversion ratio for techs, customer renewal percentages, etc. Produce statistical data for key managers.


*Answer the phone, as peak demands require, remembering that the customer is the number one focus of the company, and they are not an interruption to other tasks. Be very courteous via any contact with clients of the company.


*Manage the company assets such as vehicles, information systems, and communication systems.


*Collect and assemble the daily report information and provide the daily report to the General Manager by 9:00 A.M. each day for the previous day's business.


*Obey and teach the Team Rules and Team Philosophy.


*Under the plan, the company model will adjust per the amount of service technicians/service trucks. The fewer the technicians/trucks, the easier the position is for the HR/Office Manager. As technicians are added, the position will be more involved. Under the 8 truck model, additional support staff is added to assist the HR/Office Manager. The company model will follow this format: 2-8 truck model will have HR/Office Manager perform the functions of the Customer Service Reprentative role, Dispatcher role, and Inventory Manager role. 8 truck model will have support staff added in one or more of the following roles as needed: the CSR role, Dispatcher role, and Inventory Manager role/s.



HR/Office Manager Compensation


Base Salary:

Salary = $48,588 


Net Profit Before Taxes (NPBT) must equal 15% after bonus is paid. Once NPBT base is reached, the HR/Office Manager receives a percentage of the NPBT produced above the point. The bonus template is based on a percentage of NPBT reached, but must be converted to dollars based on the specific budget model, to ensure that the dollars become the target, and not just the percentage.


15% NPBT: bonus = 0

16% NPBT: bonus = 10% of the additional 1% NPBT

17% NPBT: bonus = 12% of the additional 2% NPBT

18% NPBT: bonus = 13% of the additional 3% NPBT

19% NPBT: bonus = 14% of the additional 4% NPBT

20% NPBT and above: bonus = 15% of the additional 5% NPBT


Bonus template converted to dollars for $2,114,574 sales model:

(15%) NPBT = $317,186: bonus = $0

(16%) NPBT = $338,331: bonus = $2,114

(17%) NPBT = $359,477: bonus = $5,074

(18%) NPBT = $380,623: bonus $8,246

(19%) NPBT = $401,769: bonus $11,841

(20%) NPBT = $422,914: bonus = $15,859


If the HR/Office Manger executes the plan and produces NPBT of $429,654:


Salary = $48,588 base + $16,870 bonus = $65,458 total compensation

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