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Sometimes the electrical current in your home may undergo a surge or spike where the level of current briefly rises above the designated flow of electricity. In the U.S the designated electrical voltage for your home is 120 volts. When the electrical current rises above this set voltage a power surge occurs.

Power surges can easily fry your computer or other home appliances, rendering them useless in a moment. If you run a business that is contingent upon motor driven machines or computers these quick surges can be devastating.

At The Power Crew, we are a full service electrical contractor specializing in surge protection for your home or business. We provide and install a wide range of surge protectors that range from smaller units for the home to super protective commercial surge protectors that may save your business.

We buy our surge protectors factory direct and are guaranteed to save your appliances should a power surge occur. The Power Crew is fully licensed and insured and offers competitive rates on our installation services.

1. SP-LVL-01

Surge Protection Basic

All breakers protected


2. SP-LVL-02

Surge Protection Premium

All breakers protected + energy management


3. SP-LVL-03

Surge Protection Optimum

All breakers protected + electrical panel load center

$3,552 Surface Mount SP-LVL-03S

$3,909 Flush Mount SP-LVL-03F

4. SP-LVL-04

Surge Protection Optimum Plus

Optimum + Premium Combined

$5,049 Surface Mount SP-LVL-04S

$5,406 Flush Mount SP-LVL-04F


Additional Accessories

5. SP-POU-01

Point of Use Surge Strip - Television


6. SP-POU-02

Point of Use Surge + Backup - Computer


7. LA-302-R

Lighting Arrestor



Many appliances and personal devices go without protection. As the investment in smart technology goes up, it's more important to share surge protection options with consumers.


number of electrical surges it takes to damage all unprotected appliances


the estimated value of sensitive electronics and appliances in the average home


the peace of mind achieved knowing your valued electronics are protected from electrical surges


Residential SURGE PROTECTION by the numbers

As homeowners continue to add more connected technology in their homes, the intelligence rises, the investment rises and so does the risk of electrical surges.

2.3: the average number of TVs per U.S. household

35.6 million: number of Americans expected to use voice-activated assistant devices by the end of 2017

$2,262: approximate cost of a WiFi connected refrigerator

$1,850: approximate cost of a smartphone enabled washer and dryer

Builders and electrical contractors can help prevent damage to smart devices with the latest in surge protection technology. Most homeowners use surge protection strips at the point of use to protect expensive electronics, but sometimes that is not enough.


protection at the breaker box can reduce surges to an acceptable level for surge strips and receptacles to handle.  


protection at the device provides additional peace of mind for your pricey electronics.

Did you know...

Energy usage and pricing are two of the most pressing issues facing our country.

Americans have constantly demanded more and more energy in their homes, causing use of electricity to grow exponentially!

Since 1985, use of electricity has grown by 60% and by 2030 use is projected to increase by an additional 45%.

As a result of this ever increasing demand for electricity over the past 40 years, the price per kilowatt hour has increased from an average of two cents to over ten cents in many parts of the country. It is estimated that energy costs will increase for decades to come!

The appliances inside your home are susceptible to daily attacks from surges, spikes & harmful electronic noise.

Literally hundreds of surges and spikes occur every day within typical residential and light commercial electric systems.

The lifespan of valuable and sensitive electronic equipment is shortened due to these surges and spikes.

Everyday, throughout our homes and businesses, we rely on a host of electronic devices - devices that generage "electronic noise" that causes harm to other electronics in the electric system.

When electronic devices create noise, the noise breaks down switching power supplies and sensitive electronic components which can result in permanent failure.

This electronic noise is not only harmful, it is wasteful too! It drains even more wattage than it uses, increasing your electric bill unnecessarily.

PowerwoRx technology counters the harmful and wasteful effects of surges, spikes, and noise. It has been utilized in thousands of commercial and industrial facilities for years, but now the benefits of PowerwoRx can be experienced in your home.

Beyond that, PowerwoRx "Clean Power Systems" make your entire electric system more efficient, thus reducing your energy consumption and saving you money. PowerwoRx systems will pay for themselves while they protect your valuable electronic equipment!