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Outlets & Switches • Lighting & Ceiling Fans • Panel Replacements

We are the area's most trusted master electricians. Our multiple years of experience include a wide range of residential electrical services including the following:

Why Choose Us?

Low Voltage

Phone, Cable, & Data • Home Theater & Security • Home Automation


Hot Tubs & Swimming Pools • Landscape Lighting • Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Sometimes the electrical current in your home may undergo a surge or spike where the level of current briefly rises above the designated flow of electricity. In the U.S the designated electrical voltage for your home is 120 volts. When the electrical current rises above this set voltage a power surge occurs.

Power surges can easily fry your computer or other home appliances, rendering them useless in a moment. If you run a business that is contingent upon motor driven machines or computers these quick surges can be devastating.

At The Power Crew, we are a full service electrical contractor specializing in surge protection for your home or business. We provide and install a wide range of surge protectors that range from smaller units for the home to super protective commercial surge protectors that may save your business.

We buy our surge protectors factory direct and are guaranteed to save your appliances should a power surge occur. The Power Crew is fully licensed and insured and offers competitive rates on our installation services.

Don't wait, get surge protection. Call The Power Crew at 402.257.5353 today!

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting has many functions that add to the safety, beauty and value of your home or commercial location. Our menu of services includes innovative design and expert installation of a wide variety of exterior lighting fixtures, including:

If you're interested in exterior lighting fixtures, don't hesitate to call our master electricians. We'll not only assist you in deciding what looks best - we'll take into account your safety concerns and make sure you're way home is well lit.



As a client of The Power Crew, you have access to the most powerful, most advanced, most client-friendly pricing system ever developed - Flat Rate Pricing.

By using Flat Rate Pricing, we've instantly set ourselves apart from the competition in the eyes of our clients. Our competitors do not have a pricing system this advanced and yet this simple. Our clients love it, our technicians love it, and you'll love it.

We use our Flat Rate Pricing Guide to protect our client's investment. The old and out dated way of pricing is charging by the hour. If you are paying an hourly rate to a service technician, there is no way to know how much the bill will be. You don't know how much experience the technician has, therefore, You pay more for an inexperienced technician If you have an experienced technician in your home and he runs into difficulties, you still pay more.

With Flat Rate Pricing, you'll know to the exact penny what it will cost before you authorize our service.


Jason Amato - General Manager

As a Master Electrician I hold the most elite electrical license in Nebraska and have been working as an electrician since 1997. As the General Manager of Power Crew I help provide our team with the direction we need to stay focused on customer service. There are many customer service skills I have implemented in our team including daily training on subjects like technical aptitude, how to respect the client's home and goals to achieve on every service visit. Our clients constantly let us know how much they appreciate our attention to their needs and concerns. Our number one goal is to leave our clients with a safe and functional home. After all, if it wasn't for our clients we wouldn't be here.

Club Membership

The Club Membership has all the ingredients to save you time, money, and above all make sure you and your family is safe. The service includes the following:

Talk to one of our technicians today about beginning a protection plan of you own. You owe it to yourself to ensure safety and well-performing electricity of your home.